Nice to meet you! My name is Jamie.

I am a design leader with nearly twenty years of experience. After spending over a decade building and leading design teams working on fancy business software for Fortune 500 companies, I decided I wanted to work on what I was passionate about: games.

I've been able to fuse this traditional enterprise UX background with a passion for a research-driven approach to games that produces immersive, intuitive experiences for some of the biggest titles played by millions of gamers around the world.

The game industry still needs to catch up to the rest of the design world in how UX should be implemented and utilized in a professional studio setting. Gone are the days where UI is just slapped on to the end of a project. I’m here to help.

In my spare time I love public speaking, doing portfolio reviews, complaining about fantasy football, volunteering at the local dog shelter and building the longest road in Settlers of Catan and inevitably coming in last place.